Product Gallery

Product Gallery

Thank you for taking a moment to view our product: Be it a Sofa table, Desk, Island, Coffee table, Dining table, Butcher block, Dining island, TV/Media tables and more, your’re sure to have a one of a kind piece. Each piece will be priced at the size (length and width) which you provide us with, everyone is different. Click Product Gallery up top!

Types of Surfaces

The surfaces we use can vary from various types of wood. We usually suggest the wood which will best complete the project you wish. Finishing and sheen options are great. The colors, well you get the idea from our pictures, you can go contemporary or just use your imagination.

Artistic Surfaces

Our artistic surfaces are all one of a kind and the look will always vary. For example our Bismarck model may look similar to some that came before but will have its very own signature look. Our promise is we will perform with our best efforts to bring you an outstanding piece. The medium is oil based stain on wood, which is quite challenging. It’s a privilege to own one of a kind art and its also ours for being chosen to create it.

Reclaimed Wood

When many think of recycled products, often they think about being environmentally conscious or maybe even frugal options? Not so much with wood. From speaking with 1000′s we find this option to be arcane. When you think about reclaimed wood focus on two things only: beauty and character. period. Reclaimed wood usually comes from dilapidated barns, farms and old homes. After disassembly, transportation & distribution this lumber is sold to us by suppliers at premium prices (just like maple or oak) moreover, the wood’s condition always requires substantial wood-work & repair.


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