Killer Kitchen Island & Table Products

8/29/2015: We are updating our website and will be adding new sections and content so check back soon! for pics check out the Instagram or Facebook & yelp page links below or email us be happy to provide pictures for you!

We specialize in a assortment of Custom Furniture including Tables, Islands, Cabinets, Desks, component matching, Wall Art, Dining Pieces and also various custom product. Our focus remains steadfast in the pursuit of the Unique. With our options, you have the advantage to mix, match and make something truly your own. To view some of our past work, we invite you to our product gallery tab at the top of the page (currently being updated). Our Regularly Updated Social Media pages have many new candid looks of our product in progress, customer reviews, extra pics & interaction. If you like us share us with your friends.

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For prices, the best way to start is always:


  • Tell us the size (measuring Length - Width - Height) of the piece to be.
  • Explain to us about the pieces look or send us  a picture?

Anything which helps us to understand what you'd like.

With these Emailed these it will help in determining a ballpark cost for you. When challenged, many clients will send us photographs of their homes interior or an area they wish their piece designed around.

We're happy to consult on the look. If you have any questions or wish to come by, send us a email or a call and we'll definitely make time for you.

"Designers & Builders of Southern California's Most Unique Product"